Welcome to my Freak Show!

My name is Stacy and I’m a Freak! I have been this way since I was very young and became obsessed with classic horror movies at the age of 6 which fed my interest in horror movie make up. As an older child I continued on my freaky little path expressing myself by the clothes I wore, the jewelry I chose and the music I listened to.

The older I became the less accepted it was to express myself in the same fashion. As a parent, I started to live a more toned down life with less of the color that reflected who I was on the inside. Now that my children have entered adulthood, I can finally be who I am by not hiding the freak that has been knocking at the window pane in my heart begging me to come out and play.

This is my time to express myself, to design for myself and for others that stay true to their inner Freak and listen to their inner child. This is my Freak Show and all are welcome to join in and be the Freaks that they have always been.

Let me take you with me on my journey and give you a behind the scenes look into how I design these amazing jewelry pieces for others and where I get my inspiration from.

Tell me what you think

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