Where I Stir My Cauldron

About 6 months ago I redesigned my eat in kitchen table area into a home studio area to accommodate my needs. It’s light and bright so I can see what I’m doing but even better than that, it’s MY place to create and it’s organized just like me. I’m a neat Freak so I LOVE organization! Lets take a look at some of the things I did to make it a functional place to create all the creepy goodness.


This was the good sized eat in area of my kitchen. It already had a built in desk to the wall with cabinets and this is where I have spent my time working from home for HSN. At one time, I even appeared on the front page of the business section of what is now the Tampa Bay Times right here at the built in desk, promoting and being the poster child for the Work At Home program at HSN. I have been with HSN and working at home since 2006. Although in those pictures, this was not yet a studio and there was a kitchen table behind me while I worked at my desk. The Freak Show did not yet exist.


I have to thank IKEA for making design of this space easy online with simple measurements and a design guide. I printed out a list of just what I needed and went straight to the store’s warehouse area. This list even included the isle and bin numbers so that finding everything was a snap. I chose table tops to sit on top of these cubby quad cube bases and also chose heavy duty wheels to hold a lot of weight to install on their bottoms. The white carts of drawers fit perfectly into the nooks and crannies of the space.


There are many organizational bins inside of those cubbies to make getting to things easy. These are simply bins and storage containers that I purchased at the Dollar Tree. What a fun-tastical place of organization bliss that won’t break the bank! I covered these bins in a contact paper. It’s easy to use and removable should I have a fickle moment and want to change the look.  Inside of each bin are smaller bins and containers with sections. All the tiny pieces have a place and a home so they can be readily found. I applied chalk board stickers to the outside of each small and large bin. Why? Because if you are into organization the way that I am, you are constantly organizing and reorganizing. These chalk board stickers make it easy to label and re-label the bins. What may contain bling bling crystals today, may contain leather cording tomorrow. If you cant find these stickers, they are easy to make. Just purchase some chalk board paint from the paint section of your craft store and paint right over a round or oval sticker. It really is almost as easy as waving a magic wand.

                      FSFlittlefriends    FSFfreakpeek

For my table tops, I got heavy duty unfinished chip board organizational drawers from HSN. I covered them with that good old contact paper and some creepy themed stickers. I love me some skulls and spiders! Everything on these table tops serves a purpose to my craft and are hidden away in the drawers and in the stacked faux books that open. A clear work space is key for the success of completing your projects as is the proper lighting. The lighting is so important as well when you are taking pictures of your work which you will see so much of as I continue this blog. Many of my creepy little friends offer inspiration as I work on pieces and sometimes they even appear in the pictures with my work too.


Lastly, no comfy pillow is too big for a Chihuahua. I bought this pillow to make it easier to kneel down on the tile floor when I need to retrieve an item from a lower bin. My Chihuahua’s name is Ayla and she has hijacked my pillow with all of her 5 lbs. She is usually right here with me while I’m working if she isn’t right there in my lap. My inspirations aren’t always from the creepy things. Sometimes they come from furry little bundles of joy.

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