Looking Back and March-ing Ahead

As I begin March here in the Freak Show, I take a look back on February and smile. It was a busy month of filling orders and taking more custom orders. I just love to bring someone else’s vision to life! Beginning my blog and completing its first tutorial was such a big goal I was able to meet in February and I am so proud to have begun its journey. Sometimes life’s little accomplishments are the most profound and this one is most definitely an important one to me 🙂

In February I began working with a lot of tiny taxidermy bones of small rodents that I have been dissecting myself from owl pellets. I have been hard at work in creating new and artful ways of displaying them in jewelry. You will see many of these new Freak Show tiny bone creations hitting the shop this month and some that are already there now. I’m so excited to be bringing, once again, a little something different for you to chew on. This picture below will show you what they look like before and after I have dissected them from the pellet. Gross? Not really…owls can’t digest bones and fur so the gack up a hair ball and spit them back out in these tightly packed dried fur balls full of tiny skull and bone treasures.

20140212_094949 owlpellettreasures

I am also aiming to create another new tutorial to share with you this month. I would like to cover some more basics with you and then in the coming months, bring in some more mixed media and more difficult projects to share.

If you have something you want to learn, or something you want to see more of in the Freak Show Etsy shop, request it! I’m open to any and all suggestions and always look forward to hearing from you with them.

Thanks for reading, following and taking that path less traveled!

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