Buggin Out!

Finished bug jewelry in the Freak Show Follies Etsy shop http://www.FreakShowFollies.etsy.com


I never can get enough of these beautiful bugs!

These are quite popular in my the Freak Show Follies Etsy shop so I continue to create these high demand buggy beauties.

So many things in nature are beautiful including the insect world. These resin cabochons allow us to examine these lovelies close up and personal. Many of us think of the colorful feathers on birds or the many colors flowers come in when we think of the beauty found in nature. Take a moment to look at the amazing iridescent colors of a beetle. Now THAT is some incredible beauty! To me it’s even more lovely than a precious stone!

 Wearing one of these ornate pieces is almost always a conversation starter. You will for sure get the same question first, “Is that REAL?”. When you say that it is, there are usually many other questions to follow. If you want to draw attention to yourself and get noticed, wearing a real bug cast in epoxy resin and made into an ornate piece of jewelry, is sure bet!

Embrace nature and the FREAKY beauty in it!

Thanks for following the Freak Show!

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