Buggin Out!


Finished bug jewelry in the Freak Show Follies Etsy shop http://www.FreakShowFollies.etsy.com


I never can get enough of these beautiful bugs!

These are quite popular in my the Freak Show Follies Etsy shop so I continue to create these high demand buggy beauties.

So many things in nature are beautiful including the insect world. These resin cabochons allow us to examine these lovelies close up and personal. Many of us think of the colorful feathers on birds or the many colors flowers come in when we think of the beauty found in nature. Take a moment to look at the amazing iridescent colors of a beetle. Now THAT is some incredible beauty! To me it’s even more lovely than a precious stone!

 Wearing one of these ornate pieces is almost always a conversation starter. You will for sure get the same question first, “Is that REAL?”. When you say that it is, there are usually many other questions to follow. If you want to draw attention to yourself and get noticed, wearing a real bug cast in epoxy resin and made into an ornate piece of jewelry, is sure bet!

Embrace nature and the FREAKY beauty in it!

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Choker necklace tutorial inspired by Cousin products



In this new jewelry tutorial we will be making a choker necklace with a pendant drop that has a beaded link chain attached. This creates an even more elegant look than with just a simple choker. This will fit a 12 1/2 – 15 1/2 inch neck with its adjustable extender chain. Feel free to use some of what you have at home and create in the colors that you love. I love the gothic and sultry feel of red and black!

This is some of what we’ll need:


A 12 inch length of black grosgrain ribbon, a pendant with both a north and south loops, heavy large oval link black chain, lighter weight circle link black chain, 8mm red beads, 25mm ribbon end crimps,  oval black jump rings, black large sliding bail, black lobster clasp, 20 gauge black wire and an optional charm for the tip of the extender chain. You will also need wire cutters, 2 long nose pliers, round nose pliers, scissors and a gel super type glue.


You will begin your necklace by cutting a 12 inch section of your ribbon and sliding the bail to the center of the ribbon. Attach the north end of the pendant with an oval jump ring to the bail loop. At each end of the ribbon you will need to attach your end crimps. Apply a small amount of glue to the inside of the end crimp and center the ribbon inside. Squeeze the end crimps closed tightly with your long nose pliers.


Begin to wire wrap your beads into links. Cut your wire into 2 1/2 – 3 inch lengths and create a wrapped loop at one end cutting off the excess. String your bead down the wire to your loop, make a wire wrapped loop at the opposite end and cut off the excess.  You will need about 12 of these.


Separate the heavy chain links with your long nose pliers. You will need 12 closed links. Attach the first link to the south end of your pendant with an oval jump ring. Alternate your bead links and chain links with oval jump rings equally on each side of the pendant making 2 strands.

                 tutnrckclaspcol tutneckdangle

Attach the lobster clasp to the end crimp on one side of your ribbon with a couple jump rings. Use about an inch of the lighter black chain and connect one end of it to the end crimp with a lobster clasp and the other end of it to the beaded chain you created. On the other side, connect a 3 inch section of the same chain to serve as an extender chain to the end crimp with an jump ring and repeat attaching the other end of your beaded chain. You can then attach a charm if you choose to the end of the extender chain so you can look awesome coming and going.


Your necklace is now completed and it was easy!

A special thank you to Cousin Corporation for some awesome supplies to inspire me.

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